Let It RAINN [A Charity Fundraiser]

I will be holding a month long event from 1st November to 1st December. This is the reason:


I am holding a fundraiser for RAINN to educate, and raise funds. ALL proceeds from ALL of my book sales from October 31st to November 30th will be donated to RAINN!


All of my books are currently on sale for just .99c! So please do buy a copy as it is for a good cause.

There will be some fun prizes, games and takeovers all month long, so be on the lookout for the invite.


Amazon: http://goo.gl/nkJwgI

FB event: http://goo.gl/mdpGcq

My campaign (Please donate here): http://goo.gl/CikCcI

For more information about RAINN: http://rainn.org/

If any author or blogger is interested in doing a takeover, kindly message my Facebook page, or then contact my PA at paofrauthortrista@gmail.com.

Please do join the event, it’s for a good cause.


Thank you!



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