Skin Deep Is Now Available!

Skin Deep [Standalone erotic BDSM novel]


18+ for strong sexual content and also, a Daddy Dom.

Synopsis: Lola’s top priority in life has always been her tattoo parlor, Skin Deep and for years all she has wanted was for it to succeed.

But when two of her employees decide to venture to bigger cities for a change of pace she is devastated and finding replacements proves to be both difficult and stressful.

When she does hire River Hawthorne she knows that there is something different about him and whatever it is, she finds it attractive.

What she doesn’t know is what River is about to do to her… Or just how much time she’ll spend on her knees for him.

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Now available on all Amazon platforms! Grab it now for .99c


Unleashing Unmasked!


I am super proud to announce that the much awaited Book Two in the Believe Series, Unmasked, is now LIVE!
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Grab your copy now while it’s only .99c  for a week!

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